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Episode 28: How to Harness Self Talk and Show Up

How to harness your self-talk and start showing up

This podcast will help you harness your self talk and start showing up more intentionally and consistently?

I grew up in a household where ‘it’s too hard’ and ‘I can’t be bothered’ were commonplace, so this has been my default language for so long.

What that sort of self-talk means is that you’re letting yourself off the hook for the work you need to do.


Don’t let a bad hair day hold you back!

Let’s say you wake up and discover you’re having a bad hair day, but you have a client meeting to show up for later.  You might tell yourself that you ‘can’t be bothered’ washing your hair, but you also know it’s an important part of being professional.

In that case, you need to be proactive; to talk yourself out of the slump so you can show up professionally and at your best.

You might say to yourself something like, “I am going to feel fresher and more professional after I’ve washed my hair”, or “clean hair gives me a more positive image when I’m at work.”

Either way, logic is helping you get over the hump of the slump.

You can have the commitment, to catch and change the self-talk that stops you from showing up.

Let’s say you have committed to showing up for 3 exercise sessions per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5pm.

Wednesday comes around and you’re tired and it’s raining. You might say to yourself “I don’t feel like workout out today, it’s too grey and gloomy.” Or maybe you say “I can’t be bothered working out today.

In this case, you could proactively change your self talk and say to yourself, “I’ll feel so great once this workout is done.” Or, “This workout is an important part of the habit-forming process.”

Or in either case, maybe the self-talk is “My future self will thank me for this.”

Give it a go. Practice changing your self talk each day for the next week, around one area that you want to show up more in your life. Then, comment below and let me know what happens.


Ready to start showing up?

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