About Melanie

How I went from overworked business owner to entrepreneur with time and money freedom.

These days, I work 3.5 days per week running a lifestyle business that plays to my strengths and helps others to do the same, so they can impact more lives with authenticity, calmness and clarity. 

Best of all, I have plenty of time and headspace for fun outside work. Yes, it’s because my business is systemized, profitable and scalable, but more importantly because I have learned how to navigate fears, and impostor syndrome, and improve my confidence and self-belief.

Let’s just say it wasn’t always this way. 

When I co-founded a little environmental consulting company in 1994, I had no idea that we’d become an industry leader and multi-million dollar business with a 40-strong team of committed employees. 

As a Director and General Manager , I had a lot on my daily to-do list, from building business systems, products and teams.

No wonder I became overwhelmed, overworked, and burnt out!

I loved building the business, but there was too much to do, and no creativity, passion or purpose for me in that industry. It really hit home one day in 2005, when I saw two staff swapping environmental magazines to read over the weekend and realised ‘Yikes – I’m reading Muscle and Fitness!’ 

My passion was clearly in another area – helping people with health and fitness …if only I could find the courage and a way to pursue it. I had so many transferrable skills in my current role – I LOVED working with people to help them build confidence and empower real change in the world. 

At that point, I could see a future taking shape. This realisation got me excited, and it sparked a conversation with my husband that led to our total transition to a better, more purposeful and fulfilling life.

Melanie White | Business Strategist

I needed to find a way to reinvent myself, drawing on my key strengths – tenacity, creativity, optimism and a love of learning – to start again. 

With some business coaching clients as regular income, I re-trained as a Personal Trainer (didn’t like it), Metabolic Typing Advisor (didn’t like it), and eventually a Health and Wellness Coach which was my true calling. 

I didn’t do this alone of course – I actively sought support from specialists in the areas where I had gaps, including marketing. 

That help was essential! In my previous business 95% of our clients were word of mouth, so I had to virtually start again to learn how to market my business from the ground up in a new industry!

After a lot of experimentation in my new market and dealing with a lot of imposter syndrome, I finally landed on a niche for my coaching business that felt right and got immediate traction.

Driven by my purpose, I combined my existing business skills with my coaching skills, and the new skills I’d learned from trainers, mentors and coaches so I was able to:

  • believe in myself and clearly explain the value of what I did 
  • deliver an exceptional service that got endless word of mouth referrals
  • get rid of impostor syndrome, therefore market my business confidently and authentically
  • only work with clients who were ready, willing and able to do the work required to succeed
  • make a mouth-watering offer and proven results, which guaranteed the income and clients I wanted every quarter
  • develop a simple sales strategy with a 95-99% success rate
  • systemize and scale my business to earn more revenue in less time.

This set me up for a consistent quarterly income, provided employment to others and helped me make an impact in our state’s ‘most overweight shire’ (at the time). 

In 2016, I pivoted into business coaching so I could have a bigger impact, by help others who also wanted to work on purpose and make a difference. These days, that is what really lights me up – working with inspired people who seek to have a massive impact on people’s lives.

Those kinds of people have a bigger vision of what they could create in the world. They’re inspirational and can make a tangible difference.

My role is to facilitate that process with balance and ease, so they can create healthy, inspiring businesses and lives.

Now that’s energizing, exciting and engaging!


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BSc (Hons) Bioligy (Curtin)
Wellness Coach Level 3 (Wellness Coaching Australia)
Certified Health and Wellness Coach (WellcoachesUSA)
Cert IV Personal Training (Fitnation)
Accredited Cert. Nutrition (Cadence Health)
Metabolic Typing Advisor Level 1 (HealthExcel)
Co-Founder, Downsize Me
Coach Trainer and Mentor (Wellness Coaching Australia)
Wellness Business Coach (Wellness Coaching Australia; Melanie J White)
Co-Founder, General Manager, Director Outback Ecology Services (now Stantech)

Strategic Business Advisor, Phoenix Environmental Sciences

I work with change makers who want to:

  • move past their fears
  • back themselves
  • live a more intentional, satisfying and meaningful life