Your Foolproof 2022 Business Plan

The start of the year is a great time to make plans. But how do you make a plan that is realistic and will guarantee results? 

Today, I cover the three ingredients of a successful business plan that will ensure your success.

Ingredient 1: Start with Strategy 

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘plan’?  The internet defines a plan as: 

In this episode, we’ll cover

* Why starting with a strategy is so important
* How to create a structured, SMART plan
* Reviewing and course correcting
  1. An orderly or step-by-step conception or proposal for accomplishing an objective. 
  2. A proposed or intended course of action. 
  3. A systematic arrangement of elements or important parts; a configuration or outline. 

What do you notice about these definitions? 

I see that they are all about taking action. And taking action is great, and important….but in the words of organisational theorist Kenichi Ohmae: 

“Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction.” 

In other words, planning your actions is important, but there is a step BEFORE that. 

The step is creating a strategy. 

A strategy is the overall aim, objective or goal that you want to achieve. 

When it comes to your 2022 business plan, you would define your primary aim for the year BEFORE you start the planning process. 

I believe the best aims or outcomes are inspirational, realistic, aspirational and measurable. Here is an example.  

“By 31 December 2022, I want to have helped 50 women reverse diabetes.” 

If you think about this as an outcome, it meets all those criteria.  

For the right person, this is:  

  • inspiring (ties in with a passion),  
  • something that can realistically be achieved with the right support, systems and effort (the timing and number and content have been done before by others),  
  • something to aspire to (reversing diabetes), and 
  • measurable (it has an end date and a number of people).  

So my question to you is – what is the overarching strategic goal you have for this year? 

All of your plans will be borne out of that. 

Ingredient 2: Create a Structured SMART Plan 

This one is essential and it’s where a lot of people go wrong with a lack of detail, specificity and not seeking help. If you’re new at business and/or planning, you will need help with this! 

Like the strategy, a structured plan has very specific actions, dates, milestones and metrics so that you can schedule tasks and check that you are on track. 

Using the example I just mentioned, we can start teasing out elements of the plan. 

“By 31 December 2022, I want to have helped 50 women reverse diabetes.” 

In this example, we can see that we need two things: a way to solve the problem, and a way to engage the clients. 

Firstly, you will need to have a program and/or method for helping people reverse diabetes.  

  1. What program or method you will use?  
  2. Has it been created yet?  
  3. Do you need to test it/get social proof? 
  4. Who else might need to be involved to help you? 

By answering those questions, you can work out the actions that need to be taken, in which order, and who will help you – and you can schedule those into a timeline. 

Secondly, you will need to have a channel to find those 50 women with diabetes. 

  1. What does your market research indicate? 
  2. Where will you find them / where do they hang out?  
  3. What is your best marketing strategy that plays to your strengths – e.g. writing, speaking, PR etc.? 
  4. Who can connect you with them?  
  5. What opportunities are there in your existing networks? 
  6. What will your marketing plan look like? 

By answering those questions, you can work out the actions that need to be taken, in which order, and who will help you – and you can schedule those into a timeline. 

Ingredient 3: Review and Course Correction 

A plan is great, but things invariably change as you progress, so you need to schedule time at least once per month to review your progress, and course correct so you can achieve your goal, or change the goal as needed. 

We all find this a bit hard because nobody likes changing the goals or goalposts!   

Change requires a shift away from what we know and feel safe with, into the unknown. 

BUT, as we know through coaching clients, the process of experimenting invariably changes the journey. 

Making time to reflect, review, let go of what doesn’t work and change gears, is the absolute key to success. 

In the example above, let’s assume that you did all your actions in January to find prospective clients through your networks…..but you drew a blank. 

Or perhaps you thought you’d have your program finished by now and ready to pilot, but you haven’t gotten there yet and can’t find any pilot clients. 

Eeek! Now what? 

Well, simply go back to your plan and review it.  

What didn’t work? 

What did work? 

What other opportunities are there to find a pilot or real clients? 

Who can help you get clarity on these things, so you can progress your plan? 

As you can see, it’s one thing to come up with a strategy and plan, but life and business don’t go according to plan. 

Your ability to problem-solve, troubleshoot, brainstorm, seek help or even pivot is what will help you succeed. 

Please know this – there is no magical solution to any of these or any other problems. They require focus, attention, and work. 

This is the reality of running a business, and you will gain valuable experience not just for yourself, but also empathy for your clients who are going through exactly the same process! 


Today I mentioned that planning is essential for a successful business, but many plans go awry or fail. 

The three ingredients for success are: 

  1. Start with a big-picture strategy 
  2. Turn the strategy into a structured, SMART plan 
  3. Review and Course Correct with help in order to stay on track for success. 

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