This episode is about five top tips for finding the right pilot programme clients.

At the moment, I’m busy running my passion to profit programme, and I’m helping people to set up and run pilot coaching programmes with their practice clients. And I decided that I’d like to share with you some top tips for getting started so that you can find the right clients get amazing feedback, testimonials and results that really give your marketing a big boost.

So let’s start with a question. Why run a pilot programme?

Well, running a pilot programme allows you to get used to conducting a series of sessions you feel comfortable with. It allows you to become familiar with your ideal client and what their needs and wants are and their obstacles, key challenges and their motivators. So you really get to know the types of people that you’re working with. And not only does this give you confidence in your ability as a coach, but it also gives you and your client the chance to see the powerful results that coaching can help them to achieve. It gives you insider information on how to market your business.

In this episode, I’ll talk about – 
* How to attract your ideal clients
* Important characteristics you want your clients to have
* How to build patterns and encourage commitment for client’s success

When you hear clients saying things like I need to slim down, for example, you know that that’s their words and their way to describe losing weight, or I need to get fitter, or I need to feel comfortable in my skin. Their words, the words that you use in marketing, not your version of them. So getting those words helps you to know exactly what people are saying and the language. And then you can reflect and reframe those things in your marketing. And plus, there’re all those great testimonials you can get. And they can help you to develop magnetic advertising copy.

Also, if you get a lot of attention and focus on doing a really great job in the coaching programme and supporting your clients to change their habits, holding the space while they experiment, and helping them to feel really supported. That gives your business reputation a boost. People are going to see you as someone who can actually help them. And they’re going to tell others about how well you supported their successes. So that’s some of the reasons one piloting a programme is great. It’s a low pressure, low-risk environment for you and your client to work together. And there are many great outcomes.

The next question is though, how do you find good practice clients for your pilot programme, because not everybody is going to be suitable. So I wanted to share with you today five top tips for finding good practice clients. The first tip I have is to look for practice clients that roughly fit your niche profile. If you work with people who are similar in values to you, they will have similar beliefs and goals, maybe they’re the same age or stage of life or demographic, those sorts of things, then you’re going to start off on the right foot because you probably have really good chemistry with those people. And they will be able to connect you with more people who are like them.

So like attracts like, if you’re working with people that you naturally have a good fit with. They’re going to introduce you to more of those and they will be your most loyal and raving fans. So that’s the most important thing is to find people that fit your niche profile, that is the people who are quite similar to you. The second tip for finding good practice clients is to make sure that they’re ready, willing and able to change a couple of habits within the framework of your coaching programme. That means they want to and are motivated to make a change. And they have a desired result in mind that they want pretty badly or badly enough to give enough time to work with. Clients who aren’t ready, willing and able to change are at a higher risk of giving up, always case sticking with the programme and being ambivalent and resistant to change.

Now it’s not to say that you can’t coach ambivalent people because you can. But when you’re starting out, you want to build confidence. You want to build great skills, you want to feel a sense of success. And most importantly, you want your clients to succeed and tell others how great it is to work with you. So if you are working with challenging clients, it can really knock your confidence and they can give up when you’re just starting out. Choose people that are really your kind of people who are ready and willing to change and are going to help you to become visible and known as someone who can help others succeed. And that kind of boosts your confidence in your business.

So just that’s tip number two, make sure your people that you’re working with a really willing and able to change and they desperately want a desired result. The third thing is kind of related to that it’s making sure that they Commit to the length of your programme right now.

Listen to the whole podcast for all 5 tips.

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