Confident Coaching in Corporate with Celeste Cleary

Today I interviewed nurse and health and wellness coach Celeste Clearly. We talk about how she stepped away from her nursing profession, graduated with her Professional Certificate of Health and Wellness Coaching from Wellness Coaching Australia, and then took a deep breath to build her own business. 

Celeste shares some insights on how she pushed through a lack of self-confidence to get where she is today – working with her first clients, doing what she loves, and having an impact.  

Celeste coaches primarily in the areas of burnout, compassion fatigue and stress management. 

In this episode, we’ll cover

* The confidence of an old career – and a better way of working
* An easy starting point after graduating from coach training school
* The decision to scale, and method of scaling
* First steps in corporate

If you’d like to connect with Celeste, you can reach her on LinkedIn 

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If you’d like help developing visual models for your business, connect with Renee Hasseldine (creator of the Think RAPT System) and read her great LinkedIn article. 

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