Communication Skills, Health and Wellness with Executive Communication Coach Laurie Schloff

Today I speak with executive communication coach, Laurie Schloff who believes there is truly a deep relationship between communication and health and wellness.

Laurie’s work is helping professionals to achieve outstanding relationships and results through communication.

As a renowned master coach and author of three books, she is a specialist in the field of corporate communication. She is a recognized expert for adding to clients’ talents and toolboxes in the areas of:

  • Presentation skills
  • Conference Coaching
  • Leadership communication
  • Fear of speaking
  • Leading and facilitating meetings
  • Speech clarity for non-native speakers
  • Communication program development
  • Certificate in Communication Coaching program

Laurie’s clients include Bain Capital, Fidelity Investments, MassMutual, Allstate, State Street, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, TJX, Pegasystems, and Johns Hopkins.

“He and She Talk”, “Speech Gems”, and “Smart Speaking”, the three internationally translated books Laurie has written, offer practical solutions to communication problems most organizations and individuals face.

Smart Speaking https://www.amazon.com/Smart-Speaking-Sixty-Second-Strategies/dp/0615460607#immersive-view_1686176055733

He & She Talk: How to Communicate with the Opposite Sex https://a.co/d/5vHnVbN

Twenty Twinkling Stars children’s book – Fundraiser https://a.co/d/dPh4seE

Her website is www.partnersincommunication.com. Listeners can sign up for an initial call there or email her there directly.

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