Coaching Men & Building Community with Mathew Spanos of the Bearded Villains

Are you interested in how coaching men works, and how to build connected, thriving communities that support men? In this interview, student coach Mathew Spanos speaks from the heart about his experience with the Bearded Villains, how that led him to study coaching, and his plans for coaching men and building community in the future.

In this episode, we’ll cover

* How Mathew Uses Coaching at Work
* What the Bearded Villains Does, and Why it Works
* The Essential Ingredient for Coaching Men
* Mathew’s Plans for Coaching and Community Building


It’s often said that men don’t get enough support, but that they also find it hard to open up. Today, Mathew Spanos speaks about his experience as a Sydney Chapter co-captain of the Bearded Villains, a male-led community that gives back and supports a multitude of people and charitable organisations across the globe.

This story showcases the power of tribes, belonging, giving back and positive psychology. It illustrates what it takes to build a successful community for men, and the essential ingredients for helping men to open up in a more personal or coaching conversation.


Through the Bearded Villains, Mathew Spanos has found purpose and some exciting opportunities for personal and professional growth. His inspiring story shows how someone’s unique strengths, perspectives and affiliations can become a platform for having a global impact with coaching. If you would like information about the Bearded Villains, visit www.beardedvillainsnsw.com.au

You can connect with Mathew Spanos on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/beardedvillainsnsw/ @beardedvillainsnsw

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