Building Your Coaching Business: Burnout in Health Professionals with Dimitra Mersinia

How does someone with an economics degree become a dentist, and then a health and wellness coach for health professionals in midlife who are dealing with stress and burnout? This interview with coach Dimitra Mersinia presents a case study that describes this transition.

In this interview, Demi talks through her professional evolution: a landmark event that forged her direction, the path to getting there, and building her future with a pivot to health and wellness coaching, based in curiosity, compassion and empathy for others in her profession based in lived experience.

In this episode, we’ll cover

* Dimitria’s Pre-Coaching Background
* From Dentist to Health and Wellness Coach
* How Demi Started a Burnout Coaching Business


As a clinician for over 25 years, Dimitra combines coaching, mentoring and consulting as a personal health and wellbeing strategist and results coach.

Her varied skillset has been built on extensive experience in corporates, in the medical, dental and neuroscience fields. She has worked in the European Union on regional policies of Europe, in US multinationals, as a humble neuroscientist in a lab in London, travelled with the MSF (1) as a junior medic, and worked in public and private sectors as a dental surgeon in the areas of pain management and special care in 3 countries.

This experience gained together with coaching certifications (2), and with the insatiable attitude for continuous learning and developing, has equipped her to work as a personal coach and healthy life strategist for re-igniting a healthy mindset and getting results in any area of life.

As a diagnostician, she helps find the real problem behind a presenting problem, demystify and simplify confusing health information and takes her clients through precise health and lifestyle medicine in her private practice in Sydney.

As the founder and CEO of “M.i.n.d Your Health”, she has set up a safe ‘hub’ for distressed health care professionals, supporting them out of burnout.

As a volunteer in different organisations (3), she is supporting teenagers make sense of the new world, expats with relocation stresses and culture shock and asylum seekers.

She believes Health is your Wealth and having a healthy mind and body, unlocks your potential to optimise performance in any area of your life and business.


(1) (medecin sans frontier/doctors without borders)

(2) (with Authentic Education, ICF, Tony Robbins Leadership academy, Mental Health First Aid and Health & Wellness Coaching Australia)

(3) (raise.org, Roses in the Ocean, the Red Cross)


Demi Mersinia is an inspiring example of how you can build a health coaching business with empathy, curiosity and compassion. She has drawn on her personal and professional strengths to create a business in her own unique way.

If you would like information about the next intake of my Passion to Profit course, or to enrol, follow this link: https://www.wellnesscoachingaustralia.com.au/business-resources/passion-to-profit/ You can connect with Demi on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dimitra-mersinia-97104944/

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